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Asylum Circle is a collaborative project in Queensland that contributes to the support of people seeking asylum.

How Can I Help?


Individuals and families receiving negative visa application outcomes are being cut off from all financial support.

Read about offering temporary accommodation here.


We are developing our volunteer management and training system. Your time and energy is still appreciated.
Contact Communify Qld to enquire:
Phone 3510 2700 or email 


Assist us in finding part time, full time or casual work for people seeking asylum.

Read more here and if you can offer employment of any kind please get in touch here.

Who we are

Asylum Circle enhances pathways for ongoing coordinated support for people seeking asylum. We facilitate projects and assists with funding with the aim of improving services for asylum seekers.

Working for change

Our intention is that the resources and expertise of NGOs, church groups, mosques, community volunteers and businesses are utilised more efficiently through a collaborative effort.

How We Help

Asylum Circle is focused on projects that enable better service delivery and will assist with referrals to other organisations for community advocacy and education.

Our People

Asylum Circle has a project office with a project co-ordinatorand a case manager between Romero Centre and Asylum Circle. This position is funded for 12 months by CRAQ.

Asha’s Story

Immigration legal support is the difference between staying and going.

In Queensland there are over 2,000 people seeking asylum living in our communities on bridging visas.

They need to engage in the legal process of applying for a temporary protection visa.

These people are waiting with quiet dignity to have their claims heard. The majority of people are relying on pro bono lawyers and community legal services.

It is a matter of urgency that applications are completed in the given time frame. This is their only opportunity to secure temporary protection.

You can transform the life of another human being by giving them the gift of access to an immigration lawyer.

Recent News

Update on status resolution support service access and eligibility

Update on status resolution support service access and eligibility

February 2, 2018

The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) convened a conference call with the Department of Immigration to clarify questions and concerns in relation to Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS) changes. Here is updated information on those changes and on proposed changes for the future.

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