There is an increasing number of individuals and families receiving negative outcomes for their visa applications and being cut off from all financial support.

People can no longer pay rent and are facing homelessness and destitution. Vulnerable children are being put at more risk.

Can you help give a family a home?

What we’re asking

We need suitable houses to provide homes for families who have been cut off from any financial assistance and nearly all kinds of funded support services.

These families are facing desitution. We are asking individuals, businesses, and faith groups from across South-East Queensland to commit to housing a family for at least 12 months.

This is the most significant emerging need for people seeking asylum living in our community.

How it would work

You could make a commitment as a family, a group of friends, work colleagues, a business or as a faith congregation.

You can team up with other congregations, families or businesses to get others involved.

The Romero Centre will act as the facilitator to connect your group with a family in urgent need of housing and to help set up a suitable arrangement.

How you can help?

Pay The Rent

You can commit to covering the rent for a family for up to a year. This will allow a family to remain in their present accommodation providing stability and the ability to maintain their support and schooling networks. The cost could be between $250 and $350 per week. Eg. Currently a parish is paying rent for a family of 3.

House Available

Does your church or congregation have a house that is not being used or could be repurposed?
Does someone in your congregation have an extra property they are willing to make available? Eg. A parish refurbished their convent and is accommodating 9 adult women, 3 teenage girls and 2 children.

Buy a House

A feasible model that many faith groups have already undertaken. It can be very affordable as properties can be purchased and a mortgage paid off for not much difference to renting. The benefit is that you can pay off an asset, which can be used over the longer term, for other forms of community housing or other uses for your congretation.

Take Out a Lease

Take out a lease on a property and sub-let to a family in need of a home.

Make a Donation

If you are not in a position to do any of the above cash donations are most welcome as the families need ongoing support.

Refugees Welcome

Become a host and share your spare room with a person seeking asylum.

Join the refugees welcome solution and offer your spare room for a minimum of 3 months.

As hosts you will be offered specific training to prepare you with ongoing support as needed and there will be a trained buddy to support the person living in your house.

Visit the website. Find out more and sign up as a host or contact.