The Queensland Government has provided total funding of $3.568M to Communify Queensland to lead a collaboration of 7 agencies to support people seeking asylum from the *legacy caseload in Queensland.

The funding made available through the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs recognises the collaborative efforts of the asylum seeker sector, and some of the resourcing required to meet unmet needs of this cohort.

ASRA Program Objectives:

  • Alleviate financial hardship and mental distress
  • Provide case coordination to assist participants to access relevant assistance and achieve greater independence through employment
  • Increase capacity and wellbeing of vulnerable SHEV and TPV holders and their families
  • Consolidate partnerships and coordinate delivery of integrated support that includes vocational training, employment assistance, family and social support, legal support and mental health support.

Who is eligible for ASRA funding?

  • Medical transferees (those on Final Departure BVE) and people seeking asylum within the legacy caseload including individuals who are deemed to be ‘finally determined’
  • People from the legacy caseload granted a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV)
  • People from the legacy caseload granted a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV)

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