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We operate within Communify Qld.

  • Asylum Circle / Communify Office location: 172 Jubilee Terrace Bardon QLD 4065
  • Phone 3510 2700

Resources and Links

Romero Centre
Mercy Community Services Romero Centre Supports people seeking asylum especially those with no financial and Medicare support.

The Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma
(QPASTT) provides flexible and culturally sensitive services to promote the health and well being of people who have been tortured or who have suffered refugee related trauma prior to migrating to Australia.

Refugees Welcome

With over 60 million people displaced worldwide and nearly 20 million refugees, we invite you to join the national Refugees Welcome campaign that seeks to provide hope in the midst of the largest refugee crisis the world has faced since WWII.

World Wellness Group

A social business where the community’s health profits. WWG promotes health, wellness, equity, cultural diversity and traditional approaches to health and wellbeing. We believe that everyone has a right to accessible and appropriate health care regardless of who they are.

LS Consulting / Shorebirds
An independent advisory organisation providing probono project resources and partnership, as well as funding expertise to Asylum Circle.


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