The asylum seeker sector under Asylum Circle Consortium/Communify received $700,000 funding from the State Government Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs, to provide “emergency relief to help alleviate financial hardship and mental distress and prevent further hardship or distress”. 

This funding is for those who live in Queensland, arrived by boat (referred to as the legacy caseload), have been invited by the Minister to apply for a temporary protection visa and have insecure or no income due to their visa status.  Most people in this category have had their visa applications rejected.

Under the Asylum Circle Consortium and according to the funding guidelines “case coordination will be provided to recipients of emergency relief to assist people to access other assistance or achieve independence including through employment”.

A database has been built specifically for this project to ensure the equitable distribution of funds to those in most need. This data base will provide an efficient and effective means of collecting and tracking data and prevent people from “falling through the cracks”.

In collaboration with stakeholders in the sector, 3 positions were allocated for coordination: Sector Development Coordinator through Asylum Circle, Case Coordinator through Mercy Community Services and Employment Support through Red Cross’s existing employment program.

St Vincent de Paul is responsible for the distribution of the emergency relief funds. The Emergency Relief Program will be delivered at outreach hubs across South East Queensland and via phone in regional areas.

The outreach hubs are located at The Gateway Logan, the Access Office in Goodna, Romero Centre at Dutton Park and Indooroopilly Uniting Church Asylum Seeker Hub.

emeregency relief

All the hubs operate on an appointment basis. The Case Coordinator carries out an initial assessment to determine the level of ER support and other supports each person/family requires.

The ER is then distributed by St Vincent de Paul volunteers and the Case Coordinator makes appropriate referrals for other needs.

Because of limited funds and an increasing number of people needing assistance it has been necessary to cap the ER support provided.  People still need to access other supports such as community centre pantries.

If you have any queries about this program please contact Anne Hilton (Asylum Circle Consortium Sector Development Coordinator)

The Asylum Circle Consortium has received some funding from Qld Government for a new Emergency Relief program which will be delivered at Outreach Hubs across South East Queensland and via phone in regional areas.


Currently this funding is for those who live in Queensland, arrived by boat (referred to as the “legacy caseload”) and have been invited by the Minister to apply for a temporary protection visa and have no income due to their visa status. They belong to the following groups:

  • Medical transferees with Final Departure Bridging Visa E, who have been transferred to Australia for medical treatment from a regional/offshore processing.
  • Those who are Finally Determined ie people seeking asylum from the ‘legacy caseload’ and have had their claim for protection refused twice and have no income.
  • People from the ‘legacy caseload’ granted a TPV or SHEV and are without income (awaiting Centrelink payments)
  • Those in the “legacy caseload” waiting for a protection visa application decision, not eligible for Centrelink and are without income.


The program is designed to assist eligible individuals and families to meet their basic needs and support them in their situation by supplementing with emergency relief and referrals while coinciding with any established supports.

Individuals/families who meet the criteria are assessed by the Asylum Circle Consortium Case Coordinator at Emergency Relief Hubs.

These individuals/families will receive a capped amount of vouchers based on family composition and vulnerability and will assist with food, travel, medical and other basic needs. There is no support for debts or legal costs.

Emergency Relief may be reassessed monthly according to the individual or family’s circumstances and needs at that time.

The Case Coordinator arranges individualised needs-based referrals and supports that include employment support through the new Red Cross Employment program, legal, medical and or mental health referrals, as appropriate.


Referrals are made to the Case Coordinator who will then make an appointment at the closest Outreach Hub.

The Case Coordinator will use a vulnerability assessment tool to determine an appropriate amount of emergency relief. The assessment will inform the development of a support plan created by the case coordinator and individual/family and will be reviewed periodically.

Emergency Relief Outreach Hubs are located in Goodna, Logan Central, Romero Centre and Indooroopilly Uniting Church. Saint Vincent De Paul will distribute Emergency Relief vouchers at these locations.


  • By phone to Romero Centre 3013 0100
  • Please complete the attached referral form together with the Asylum Circle consent form to: Ainslie Kimber: 

Before making a referral please ensure you have their consent and the person/family you are referring fits the eligibility criteria.

Referral for emergency relief appointment

Visa and Income DetailsDoes the person have Work rights?Does the person have Medicare? Is anyone in the family working?Closest Hub being referred to:Contact details of Referrer: