Asylum Circle facilitates monthly stakeholder meetings for those working in the asylum seeker sector with the purpose of ensuring the most vulnerable people seeking asylum are supported. 

We share our professional relationships knowledge expertise and resources to increase the capacity of the sector.  Red Cross, MDA, World Wellness Group, QPASTT, Indooroopilly Uniting Church Hub, Mercy Communities, Romero Centre, St Vincent de Paul and Communify make up the core of this group.

An increasing number of people seeking asylum are being cut off from Centrelink payments and SRSS (Status Resolution Support Services) program support.  They face homelessness and destitution.  The sector is undertaking the huge task of finding the resources to provide housing and emergency relief (ER) to support these families and individuals.  There is currently no funding available for this cohort of people.

Recently St Vincent de Paul, Mercy Communities, Communify and Asylum Circle met with State Government requesting their support by providing funds for ER which will help pay rent and provide the basic necessities.  We await their decision hoping they will commit funds to support these most vulnerable people living in our communities.