Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance (ASRA) Program

The Queensland Government has provided total funding of $3.568M to Communify Queensland to lead a collaboration of 7 agencies to support people seeking asylum in Queensland.

Transitional Housing Project

Asylum Circle in partnership with State Government are managing transitional accommodation for single men seeking asylum experiencing financial hardship due of their visa status and current immigration policies.

Fundraising for Bardon Units

Help us to help people who are seeking asylum right here in Bardon. Asylum circle is committed to supporting 15 asylum seeking people with food, go cards, accommodation and more while they live in our community and look for paid work.

Sector Collaboration – Emergency Relief for People Seeking Asylum with No Income

Asylum Circle facilitates monthly stakeholder meetings for those working in the asylum seeker sector with the purpose of ensuring the most vulnerable people seeking asylum are supported.